300w led flood light, black color, FM bracket, bridgelux 3030 chips, 5700K Non-isolated driver with surge protector AC120-277V

The 300W LED floodlight is a powerful and durable lighting solution designed for outdoor or industrial use. It features Bridgelux 3030 LED chips, producing a cool, bluish-white light at 5700 Kelvin. The floodlight comes in a sleek black color with an FM bracket for easy installation. Its non-isolated driver with surge protector ensures stable performance and protection against power surges. Compatible with voltages ranging from 120 to 277 volts AC, this floodlight offers versatility and reliability in various lighting applications.

 Specifications Sheet

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  • Power: 300W
  • Color: Black
  • Bracket Type: FM bracket
  • LED Chips: Bridgelux 3030
  • Color Temperature: 5700 Kelvin (5700K)
  • Driver Type: Non-isolated driver with surge protector
  • Voltage Compatibility: AC120-277V

Let’s break down some of these specifications:

  1. Power (300W): Indicates the power consumption of the LED floodlight. This is a measure of how much electrical power the light consumes.
  2. Color Temperature (5700K): Specifies the color appearance of the light emitted by the LED. A color temperature of 5700 Kelvin generally produces a cool, bluish-white light, often referred to as daylight.
  3. LED Chips (Bridgelux 3030): Refers to the type of LED chips used in the floodlight. Bridgelux 3030 is a type of LED chip known for its efficiency and reliability.
  4. Bracket Type (FM bracket): Describes the mounting bracket or mechanism used to install the floodlight. The “FM bracket” suggests a specific mounting style.
  5. Driver Type (Non-isolated driver with surge protector): Specifies the type of driver used to regulate the electrical current supplied to the LEDs. A non-isolated driver is a type of LED driver that is directly connected to the mains power without isolation. The surge protector helps protect the LEDs from power surges, which can occur due to fluctuations in the electrical supply.
  6. Voltage Compatibility (AC120-277V): Indicates the range of input voltages that the LED floodlight can operate with. It is compatible with voltages ranging from 120 volts to 277 volts AC.

Overall, this LED floodlight is designed to be powerful, durable, and suitable for outdoor or industrial lighting applications, given its high wattage, robust construction, and specific features like the surge protector and wide voltage compatibility.

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