The “BOLLARD DOME CONE CCT-BLD22SS” is an outdoor lighting fixture primarily used for safety and illumination purposes. It features a distinctive dome or cone-shaped top design and is likely constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel. The designation “CCT-BLD22SS” may refer to specific technical aspects or model details.

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The term “BOLLARD DOME CONE CCT-BLD22SS” appears to refer to a specific type of bollard light fixture, likely used for outdoor lighting and safety purposes. Here’s a breakdown of the components of the term:

  • Bollard: A bollard is a short vertical post typically used to control or direct road traffic, and often used to define boundaries and add architectural interest to landscapes.
  • Dome Cone: This suggests the shape of the top portion of the bollard, which may feature a dome-shaped or cone-shaped design.
  • CCT-BLD22SS: This part of the term likely indicates a specific model or designation for the bollard. “CCT” might refer to the color temperature of the light emitted by the bollard (Correlated Color Temperature), while “BLD22SS” might indicate the model or product number, possibly with “SS” standing for stainless steel, a common material used in outdoor fixtures for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Overall, “BOLLARD DOME CONE CCT-BLD22SS” appears to describe a specific type of outdoor bollard light fixture with a dome or cone-shaped top and a particular model or designation related to its design and construction.

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