Bullhorn with 2 Arms at 180 degree;Black Finish

A sleek, black-finished bullhorn featuring two arms positioned at
180 degrees from each other, offering omnidirectional sound projection
for versatile use in various scenarios.

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It sounds like you’re describing a unique type of bullhorn with two arms positioned at 180 degrees from each other and finished in black. Bullhorns are typically devices used for amplifying sound, often used by cheerleaders, protest organizers, or in certain emergency situations.

A bullhorn with two arms at 180 degrees might have a more omnidirectional sound projection compared to traditional bullhorns, which usually have a single arm. The black finish could be for aesthetics or to provide a sleek, professional look.

Such a bullhorn could be useful in scenarios where sound needs to be projected in multiple directions simultaneously, or where a wider area needs to be covered.

If you’re looking to acquire or manufacture such a bullhorn, you may need to consult with a manufacturer or a custom fabrication shop to see if they can create a design to your specifications.

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