DLC5.1 Led Flood light 30W,5700K,AC100-277V,Lumileds chips,China brand driver,FM bracket,Black color

The DLC5.1 LED Floodlight is a high-efficiency lighting solution featuring Lumileds chips for superior brightness and energy efficiency. With a power rating of 30W and a color temperature of 5700K, it emits a crisp, daylight-like illumination. Designed to operate within an input voltage range of AC100-277V, it offers versatile compatibility. The floodlight comes with a sturdy black housing and a reliable China brand driver for consistent performance. Equipped with an FM bracket for easy installation, it’s an ideal choice for outdoor and commercial lighting applications.

 Specifications Sheet

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  1. DLC5.1: DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium, an organization that provides third-party verification of energy efficiency. DLC5.1 likely refers to a specific certification or compliance level. This certification ensures that the product meets certain energy efficiency and performance standards.
  2. LED Floodlight 30W: This indicates that the floodlight uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and has a power consumption of 30 Watts.
  3. 5700K: This is the color temperature of the light emitted by the floodlight, measured in Kelvin. A 5700K color temperature produces a cool, bluish-white light similar to daylight.
  4. AC100-277V: This specifies the input voltage range that the floodlight can operate with. It can handle voltages between 100 volts and 277 volts AC.
  5. Lumileds chips: Lumileds is a manufacturer of LED components known for their high quality and efficiency. The floodlight likely uses LED chips manufactured by Lumileds for its light source.
  6. China brand driver: This indicates that the LED driver used in the floodlight is manufactured by a Chinese brand. The LED driver is a crucial component that regulates the power supply to the LED chips.
  7. FM bracket: This likely refers to the mounting bracket or mechanism used to install the floodlight. “FM” might be an abbreviation for a specific type of mounting or the name of the manufacturer.
  8. Black color: This specifies the color of the housing or casing of the floodlight. In this case, it is black.

Overall, the specifications provided give a clear idea of the features and characteristics of the LED floodlight.

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