led parking garage light 55W,5700k,Epistar 2835 chips,China brand driver,AC100-277V,UL DLC listed

This LED parking garage light features a 55W power consumption, emits a cool white light at 5700K, utilizes Epistar 2835 chips for brightness, includes a China brand driver for voltage regulation, operates on AC100-277V, and is UL DLC listed for safety and energy efficiency.

 Specifications Sheet

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  1. 55W: This is the power rating of the LED light, indicating that it consumes 55 watts of power.
        1. 5700K: This refers to the color temperature of the light measured in Kelvin. A 5700K color temperature typically indicates a cool white light, suitable for outdoor areas like parking garages where visibility is important.
        2. Epistar 2835 chips: Epistar is a well-known manufacturer of LED chips. The 2835 refers to the specific model or series of LED chips used in the light.
        3. China brand driver: The driver is an essential component of LED lights that regulates the voltage and current flowing to the LED chips. “China brand” indicates that the driver is manufactured by a Chinese company, although it doesn’t specify which one.
        4. AC100-277V: This indicates the range of input voltage the light can handle. It can operate within the range of 100 volts to 277 volts AC.
        5. UL DLC listed: UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an organization that tests and certifies the safety of various products. DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium, which certifies the energy efficiency of lighting products. Being UL DLC listed means that the LED parking garage light has been tested and meets certain safety and energy efficiency standards.
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