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Led shoebox light 480W,5700K,AC100-277V,Lumileds 3030 chips,Sosen driver,Black color,Slip fitter,UL Listed

This LED shoebox light is a high-performance outdoor lighting solution featuring a 480W power consumption, delivering a bright 5700K cool white light ideal for parking lots and streets. It utilizes Lumileds 3030 chips for efficiency, paired with a reliable Sosen driver for consistent performance. With a black finish and slip fitter mounting, it’s UL Listed for safety and suitable for voltages ranging from AC100-277V.

 Specifications Sheet

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  1. LED Shoebox Light: This refers to a type of outdoor lighting fixture that resembles a shoebox in shape. They are commonly used for illuminating parking lots, streets, and outdoor areas.
  2. 480W: This indicates the power consumption of the LED shoebox light, which is 480 watts. This is a measure of how much electricity the light will consume when operating at full power.
  3. 5700K: This is the color temperature of the light emitted by the fixture, measured in Kelvin (K). A 5700K color temperature is a cool white light, often used in outdoor settings where high visibility is important.
  4. AC100-277V: This is the range of input voltage that the LED shoebox light can accept. It can operate on voltages between 100 volts and 277 volts AC.
  5. Lumileds 3030 Chips: Lumileds is a well-known manufacturer of LED lighting components. The “3030” designation likely refers to the model or type of LED chips used in the fixture. These chips are known for their efficiency and durability.
  6. Sosen Driver: The driver is an essential component of LED lighting fixtures that regulates the electrical current flowing to the LEDs. Sosen is a brand that manufactures LED drivers known for their reliability and performance.
  7. Black Color: This indicates the color or finish of the fixture itself. In this case, the fixture is black in color.
  8. Slip Fitter: The slip fitter is a mounting option for the shoebox light, allowing it to be attached to a pole or other vertical structure.
  9. UL Listed: This means that the LED shoebox light has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet specific safety and performance standards.

Overall, the LED shoebox light you described appears to be a high-powered, energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for outdoor applications.

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