Based on the label “SCONCE WL2034SN 4W-CCT”, a short description of the product could be:

“SCONCE WL2034SN is a wall-mounted light fixture featuring a 4-watt LED bulb. The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the light can be adjusted to suit various ambiance preferences.”

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  1. SCONCE: Sconce typically refers to a type of light fixture that is attached to a wall, often used for decorative or accent lighting.
  2. WL2034SN: This could be a model number or a specific identifier for the light fixture. It might be used for reference when purchasing replacement parts or contacting customer support.
  3. 4W: This likely indicates the power rating of the bulb or fixture, which in this case, is 4 watts. This tells you how much power the light consumes when it’s on.
  4. CCT: This likely stands for “Correlated Color Temperature.” It’s a specification used to describe the appearance of light emitted by the bulb or fixture. It’s usually measured in Kelvin (K) and describes whether the light appears warm (yellowish), cool (bluish), or neutral. The actual CCT value should be specified separately.

Without more context, it’s challenging to provide specific details about the product. If you need more information or assistance, you might want to consult the product documentation or contact the manufacturer or retailer directly.

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