TP421 series; 150W Max; Power & 3CCT Tunable;3” Tenon;Black Finish

The TP421 series is a versatile lighting fixture featuring a maximum
power of 150W. It offers adjustable power and 3CCT tunability for
flexible lighting options. Designed for easy mounting on a 3” tenon,
it comes in a sleek black finish.

 Specifications Sheet

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  • TP421 series: This likely indicates the model or series of the lighting fixture.
  • 150W Max: This specifies the maximum power consumption or wattage that the fixture can handle. In this case, it’s 150 watts.
  • Power & 3CCT Tunable: This suggests that the fixture allows for adjusting both the power (brightness) and the correlated color temperature (CCT), offering flexibility in lighting options.
  • 3” Tenon: This indicates the size or type of mounting hardware compatible with the fixture.
  • Black Finish: This describes the color or finish of the fixture.

In summary, the TP421 series luminaire supports a maximum power of 150 watts, offers power and 3CCT tunability, is designed to be mounted on a 3-inch tenon, and has a black finish.

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