The WALL LIGHT WL28121 features an elegant design with an E12 base for easy bulb installation. It provides stylish illumination ideal for hallways, bedrooms, or living spaces, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home decor.

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The WALL LIGHT WL28121 with an E12 base refers to a wall-mounted light fixture that uses bulbs with an E12 base. The E12 base is a type of screw base commonly found in smaller decorative light fixtures, such as chandeliers, sconces, and certain lamps.

The E12 base is also known as a candelabra base due to its resemblance to the bases used in traditional candle holders. These bulbs typically have a smaller diameter compared to standard bulbs, making them suitable for fixtures where space is limited.

If you have a WALL LIGHT WL28121 with an E12 base, you would need to use light bulbs that have an E12 base to fit into the fixture. These bulbs are widely available in various wattages and types, including incandescent, LED, and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp). Make sure to choose bulbs that are compatible with your fixture’s specifications and wattage requirements.

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