The SCONCE WL2012R 7W – CCT OUTDOOR is a weatherproof outdoor lighting fixture designed for wall mounting. It features a 7-watt power rating and adjustable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), allowing users to customize the color tone of the emitted light.

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  • SCONCE WL2012R: This likely denotes the model or series of the outdoor sconce light. “Sconce” typically refers to a type of light fixture that is attached to walls, often used for decorative and ambient lighting.
  • 7W: This could indicate the power rating of the light fixture, in this case, 7 watts. This tells you how much power the light consumes.
  • CCT: This stands for Correlated Color Temperature. CCT refers to the appearance of the light, whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral. CCT is measured in Kelvins, with lower values (2700-3000K) indicating warmer, more yellow tones, and higher values (5000K and above) indicating cooler, bluer tones. CCT gives you an idea of the “color” of the light emitted by the fixture.
  • Outdoor: This likely indicates that the fixture is designed for outdoor use, meaning it is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor environments.

Overall, the SCONCE WL2012R 7W – CCT OUTDOOR seems to be a 7-watt outdoor sconce light with adjustable correlated color temperature (CCT), allowing you to select the desired color temperature for your outdoor lighting needs.

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