SCONCE WL2201 6.5W – CCT

The SCONCE WL2201 6.5W is a lighting fixture designed for sconces. It offers energy-efficient illumination with a power rating of 6.5 watts. The fixture likely provides different Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) options, allowing users to select their preferred lighting ambiance, such as warm white, cool white, or daylight. For more detailed specifications and features, it’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or product description.

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It seems like you’re referencing a specific lighting product, the SCONCE WL2201 6.5W. “CCT” typically stands for Correlated Color Temperature. Correlated Color Temperature is a specification of the color appearance of the light emitted by a light source, measured in degrees Kelvin (K). It indicates whether the light appears warm (yellowish) or cool (bluish) in tone.

For the SCONCE WL2201 6.5W, “CCT” likely refers to the range of color temperatures that the light can emit. Without more context, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact color temperature range of this specific product. However, typical color temperature options for LED lighting fixtures like this one might include warm white (around 2700K-3000K), cool white (around 4000K-4500K), or daylight (around 5000K-6500K).

If you need more detailed information about the color temperature options or any other specifications of the SCONCE WL2201 6.5W, I would recommend referring to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer or contacting their customer support.

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