The SCONCE WL2013R 7W-CCT is a wall-mounted LED lighting fixture designed for various indoor applications. With its 7-watt power rating and CCT functionality, users can adjust the correlated color temperature of the emitted light to suit different ambiance preferences. It provides both illumination and decorative appeal, making it suitable for residential, commercial, or hospitality settings.

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  • “SCONCE” suggests that it’s a wall-mounted lighting fixture, often used for decorative or ambient lighting purposes.
  • “WL2013R” could be a model number or specific identifier for this particular type or design of wall sconce.
  • “7W” indicates the power rating of the LED fixture, which is 7 watts. This tells you how much power the light consumes.
  • “CCT” typically stands for “Correlated Color Temperature.” This feature allows you to adjust the color temperature of the light emitted by the fixture, typically ranging from warm white (around 2700K) to cool white (around 6000K).

If you need more specific information about this product, such as technical specifications or usage instructions, you may want to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact the manufacturer or seller directly.

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