The SCONCE WL2534L 10W – CCT is a wall-mounted lighting fixture designed to provide illumination while consuming 10 watts of power. Its Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) can be adjusted to suit different lighting preferences or requirements. This fixture offers versatility and functionality for various indoor lighting applications.

 Specifications Sheet

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    1. SCONCE: This could be the brand name of the lighting fixture or the type of fixture itself. “Sconce” typically refers to a type of light fixture that is attached to a wall.
    2. WL2534L: This is likely the model number or code assigned to this particular fixture by the manufacturer. It helps identify the specific product within their range.
    3. 10W: This indicates the power consumption of the fixture in watts. In this case, the fixture consumes 10 watts of power.
    4. CCT: This stands for Correlated Color Temperature. CCT is a specification describing the color appearance of the light emitted by the fixture. It’s usually measured in Kelvin (K). Different CCT values represent different shades of white light. For instance:
      • Warm White: 2700K – 3000K
      • Neutral White: 3500K – 4100K
      • Cool White: 5000K – 6500K

    Without further context, it’s difficult to provide precise details about the specific product’s features, design, or intended use. However, based on the information provided, it seems like the product is a wall-mounted sconce-type light fixture with a 10W power rating and adjustable Correlated Color Temperature.

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