Tenon Adapter for 4 Inch Square Poles with 2 Horizontal 90 Degree Tenons;For 4” Square Pole;Black Finish

The tenon adapter is designed for 4-inch square poles and features
two horizontal 90-degree tenons. Its black finish offers durability and
aesthetics for outdoor lighting fixtures.

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You can typically find such adapters from lighting fixture suppliers or manufacturers that specialize in outdoor lighting equipment. Here are a few steps you can take to find the adapter you’re looking for:

  1. Online Lighting Suppliers: Search online for lighting suppliers or outdoor lighting equipment manufacturers. Many of them have websites where you can browse their product catalogs.
  2. Specialty Lighting Stores: Some specialty lighting stores may carry adapters like the one you’re looking for. You can check with local stores or search online for stores in your area.
  3. Industrial Suppliers: Industrial suppliers or distributors that deal with lighting equipment and accessories might also have the adapter you need.
  4. Manufacturer Websites: If you know the manufacturer of the lighting fixture you’re using, you can visit their website and check if they offer the specific adapter you’re looking for.
  5. Amazon or Other Online Retailers: Online marketplaces like Amazon often carry a wide range of lighting accessories. You can search using specific keywords like “4-inch square pole tenon adapter” to narrow down your options.

Make sure to verify the specifications of the adapter to ensure it fits your requirements before making a purchase. Additionally, check for compatibility with your existing fixtures and poles.

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