Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 degree;Black Finish

Black-finished bullhorn speaker system featuring three arms
positioned at 120-degree angles for multi-directional sound
projection. Ideal for outdoor events, public announcements,
and large indoor spaces requiring clear and powerful audio

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It sounds like you’re describing a type of bullhorn speaker system with a specific configuration: three arms spaced at 120-degree angles from each other, and a black finish. Bullhorn speaker systems are often used for public address or outdoor events where loud and clear sound projection is necessary.

This configuration with three arms allows for sound projection in multiple directions, providing better coverage of the area where the speaker system is deployed.

The black finish likely serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, it may help with heat dissipation and durability, while aesthetically, it may blend in well with various environments and equipment setups.

Bullhorn speaker systems like this are commonly used by event organizers, public safety officials, and in other situations where clear and loud announcements are needed outdoors or in large indoor spaces.

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