Round Pole Side Tenon;Weld ones;Black Finish

A round pole featuring side tenons welded onto its surface,
finished with a sleek black coating. This construction is versatile
and suitable for various applications including outdoor fixtures
and decorative elements.

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  1. Round Pole: This refers to a cylindrical pole or post that is circular in cross-section. Round poles are commonly used in construction and various applications due to their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Side Tenon: A tenon is a protruding piece of wood or metal that is inserted into a corresponding mortise (slot or hole) to create a joint. A side tenon suggests that the tenon is located on the side of the round pole rather than at its end.
  3. Welded: This indicates that the tenons are attached to the round pole through welding, a process that joins materials together by melting and fusing them.
  4. Black Finish: This refers to a surface treatment applied to the round pole and welded tenons, giving them a black color. Black finishes can be achieved through various methods such as painting, powder coating, or chemical treatments.

This description suggests a specific type of construction, likely for functional or decorative purposes, and could be used in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, or outdoor furniture.

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